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Warp Speed PC Tune-up Software 1.14

Simple yet efficient utility to clean the Windows Registry and boost up your PC
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Warp Speed PC Tune-up Software (Warp, for short) is a tiny yet efficient tool that will help you make your computer run as fast as new. To achieve this, Warp removes all broken links and obsolete data sitting on your Windows Registry, while offering a set of easy-to-use utilities that will boost up your PC’s boot-up time.

The program performs a lightning-fast scan of your PC and gives it a “performance score”. The lower the score, the slower the performance. This figure indicates your system’s ability to deal with various apps at a time, managing bulky files, or performing more than one heavy task at a time. This score can be highly improved if you follow the program’s wizard-like cleaning routine.

First, you will be taken to the list of start-up programs, those that launch at Windows start-up thus making the entire boot-up process slower thaт it should be. Here you can check and uncheck, respectively, those apps that you believe should start running as soon as you switch on your computer and those that shouldn’t. A similar task is performed on the next step, but with a long list of services instead. Many of these services needn’t be active at Windows startup, and here you have the opportunity of righting this wrong. Together with the name of the service, you are provided with the name of the publisher (or manufacturer), the installation date, and some additional information (if available) that will help you to make the right choices.

The third step refers to your Web browsers. Here you can decide on your browsers’ plug-ins, add-ons, and search tools that may be slowing down your Internet experience. Here you can also reset your homepage and your favorite search engine. And then Warp takes a look at your hard drives looking for temporary, junk, and all types of unnecessary files that take up valuable disk space.

Once Warp has taken care of your computer’s performance, you will be given a new performance score, which – typically – will be higher than the previous one. Warp Speed PC Tune-up Software performs all these highly-necessary tasks in just a few seconds, guiding you through a set of logical and well-documented steps, and for free.

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  • Straightforward functionality
  • Wizard-like customization settings
  • Checks for unnecessary startup programs and services
  • Specific hard drive and browser settings to improve performance


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